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FIRE & ICE                

An exciting and thought-provoking story of passion and romance, courage and cowardice in the face of terrorist threats and moral dilemmas that demand a decisive course of action

Enjoy the romance and intrigue, the action and suspense of a contemporary story that begins in Manhattan and extends to three continents–an  adventure that introduces readers to original, heroic, and engaging characters–Giovanni “Gio” Mastriano, a dedicated, courageous, and brilliant United States Attorney and his beautiful and aristocratic wife, Contessa Maria Garibaldi, a naturalized American citizen, and a confident and independent-minded woman who rivals her husband in courage and compassion, asserting herself as one of the dominant heroines in American fiction.

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The Doodle Letters

Give the gift of humor, refreshing social satire, and insightful, comic views of our common humanity to family, friends, students, and adult readers who enjoy a comic novel that revels in the humor, idealism, and naivete of youth and the free spirit of American enterprise and adventure.

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