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Fire & Ice

Fire & Ice lends itself, extremely well, to a dramatic, commercially-viable, movie adaptation, appealing to a diverse and wide audience that enjoys action and adventure and original and engaging heroic characters confronting villains in a life-and-death struggle to protect one’s family and country.

The deeply-human, courageous characters and their antagonists–villains drawn with psychological depth and menace–defy worn stereotypes in books and movies.

The interweaving of these characters in scenes of romance, action and adventure, and glamour and celebrity have a timely appeal, especially in recent movie trends in which producers, directors, and many prominent actors look for scripts–dramatic and comic–that portray original characters and movie plots that credibly demonstrate emotional depth and an engaging character instead of a hodge-podge of superficial, barely credible characters engaged in superficial and predictable plots that often seem to be nothing more than an exercise in assaulting audiences’ senses with a non-stop barrage of computer-generated special effects–leaving them with little desire to return to a theater, or purchase a DVD, to see a sequel or a second-viewing.                       ________________________________________________

The Doodle Letters

The Doodle Letters and the Adventures of Amerigo lend themselves  to adaptation for a Disney-like feature film, animated film, or series of films, or as a family-oriented movie, or weekly series for broadcast and cable television.

The flawed but deeply human and courageous characters, the easily recognizable misfits and “villains,” and the universal appeal of watching comic characters as they deal with the challenges of their personal lives and their succeeding or failing, in society and in life, are themes and storylines that are widely appreciated and enjoyed by popular audiences and diverse markets, domestic and foreign, in movies and television.

The author would welcome the opportunity to collaborate with a screenwriter in preparing treatments and scripts for these productions, or working with agents and producers in developing characters and storylines for completion by in-house screenwriters.